Risk Management Services

Is project design becoming your biggest challenge?

Power plants are a demanding specialty. They are rugged,
technically challenging, and expensive. RAM applies proven power plant
experience to help customers get the best project design at the best price.  
RAM Services Provide:
•        Monte Carlo simulation of outcomes
•        Financial Modeling
•        Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
•        Live Option Analysis
Too many projects are done with assumptions. Assumptions are a starting point, but that’
s not good enough. Using assumed (deterministic) values without allowance for variance
is at best … A GUESS. RAM develops project models that use Monte Carlo simulation to
•        Best case assumptions
•        Worst case assumptions
•        Results if the “Big Bad Outcome” occurs
•        What are the Value Drivers for the project
•        “Tornado Graph” results to use to make good projects … BETTER!

RAM analysis provides Confidence Levels to build Board Room credibility.
RAM uses the power of experience and statistics to understand the project and then
uses Optimization Tools to engineer them for even better results!
The RAM team works with your experts to understand the project and improve the
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