Consulting Services

Are projects becoming your biggest challenge?

Rudd Asset Management (RAM) can help! RAM’s
vision is simple and direct. Put the
right person on the right task and you get better
results at the lowest price. RAM
uses proven power plant professionals with
experience in the tasks. This allows us
to use less people and get better results.
        RAM provides customized Owner's Engineer
Services - we make it a point to understand your
particular plant needs and help make sure your
design is right for you
        RAM provides project services, including
        Project design review
        Specification review
        Vendor selection support
        Procurement services support
        Vendor third party surveillance services
        Factory Acceptance Test support
        RAM provides existing plant services,
        Plant equipment assessment
        Plant Performance improvement
        Heat rate improvement
        Reliability improvement
        O&M cost improvement
        Project Management support
        Environmental Emissions compliance options
        Plant security options review
        Risk Management
        Outage  planning & support
        Maintenance planning
        Confined Space Entry
        Maximo maintenance system support
        Automatic hold card system development
        RAM provides Independent Third Party
Inspection services, including:
        Transmission line poles and attachments
fabrication inspection
        Substations
        Equipment fabrication inspection
        Third party test witnessing
        Certified Welding Inspection oversite
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